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Meet your Healing Guide or Angel

We are always surrounded by the realm of healing and grace that is available to assist us when we ask for it. Yes, you do need to ask. As a human being you have been granted with precious free will and celestial being can not usually interfere without your request. You can work with a healing guide/angel that you already know or you can request a specific one that you would like to meet and get to know better. Many people like to work with Archangel Rafael, Francis from Assisi, Mother Mary, Healing Angel, Saint. Germain, El Moraya, and many others. All you need to do is just to hold a specific guide's name in mind as you go through the meditation or you can be open to see what guide comes to you. When you meet a new guide, pay attention to as many details you can see/feel about your guide as you can. I also highly recommend that after you meet your healing guide/angel, go to the internet and print a picture of him/her or make a new screen saver with that image so that you can frequently be reminded of your guide. This helps to grow you relationship together. Also, remember to talk to your guide/angel through out the day, just as you would to a friend standing next to you. You do not have to be concern about lower spirits because Jari works only with energy of the realm of grace and angelic realm that is too high for un-evolved spirits. If you would like to receive a healing and assistance from your healing guide or angel, please click on the picture. It will take you to the meditation to connect with your healing guide/angel and receive a healing. This recording also includes forgiveness meditation (29th minute). 

                      Energy Healing: Focused on emotional healing

Click on the image to enjoy a healing video and receive free energy healing mini-session utilizing the angelic realm and the energy of Grace. The healing itself is about 5 minutes.

                                                       Healing Prayer

                         Healing Session 1: Forgiveness and miracles

                         Encouragement prayer