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Heart Visionary: Jari Pohankova events, psychic and intuition development classes, dream interpretation, and emotional healing classes | Heart Visionary
Intuition and Healing Kick-start December 2018:
30 days to fire up your clairvoyance, guidance, healing, and connection with your angels and guides over 5-week live class!

BONUS 1: FREE access to the complete, live Dream Interpretation class and recordings.

BONUS 2: FREE access to the complete class 1 from the Healing Core Wounds Class (emotional healing) MP3 and PDF.

Are you ready to make real shifts in your life with the help of your guides and angels? Do you desire to be part of an intuitive training intensive that specializes in development of your clairvoyant gifts, with daily practices and weekly live classes and online community with support and tips to help you along the way? 

This 30-day class will teach you all that you need to know to jump-start your intuition, develop your clairvoyance and establish clear connection, and communication with your guides and angels. Strong emphasis will be given to the healing of your inner wounds and blocks as well.

This highly sought-after class is a combination of 5 live teleclasses, daily exercises delivered to your email box the first thing in the morning, and daily connections in your private intuitive Facebook community. Sign up now and get an access to:

“Releasing Soul Contracts that Bind You: Transformative healing exercise” completely for free! + Free, FULL access to the Dream Interpretation LIVE Class and recordings + Core Wounds healing class 1 (EMOTIONAL HEALING) recording and PDF.

$388 till 12/3/2018 (register below);

starting 12/4/2018 $488

30-days to fire up your clairvoyance, guidance, and connection with your guides:

When: starting  December 4th, 2018 at 6 pm

Live online 5-teleclasses (5 Sundays, starting 3/4/18 at 6 pm, each class is 2.5 hour, MP3 exercises, daily emails (connecting with your guides), and very active and engaged Facebook intuition development community. If you miss the live classes, recording will be sent to you the next day.

Facilitated by: Jari Angelique,  ALSP

This intuition development intensive will teach you all you need to know to develop your intuition and clairvoyance + healing exercises are included to help you release your blocks and core limiting beliefs. This immersion intensive is built upon the latest techniques of clairvoyant skills development, energy healing, and includes daily guidance to make positive changes in your life.

Class one: Learning grounding and running planetary and divine energies, creating a reading monitor, and exercises to stimulate and assist in opening your third eye. BONUS: 101 How to meditate recording

Class two: Learning clairvoyant reading techniques and stimulation

Class three: Introduction to clairvoyant healing and energy shapeshifting

Class four: Relationship, and finances readings

Class five: Medical intuition

Pre-registration price is $388 till 4/3/2018; after that $488

The Dream Interpretation and Intuition 3-week Class! Coming up late January 2019

Are you ready to receive guidance about your life every night?

This 3-week class will teach you all that you need to know to actively start using your dreams for guidance, healing, information, and visions + 1 Q&A session. You will also meet your angelic gatekeeper and work with him on daily basis.

This highly sought-after class is a combination of live webinar and teleclasses + get access to “Releasing Soul Contracts that Bind You: Transformative healing exercise” completely for free!

Igniting your DREAMS and intuition with the help of your angels and guides:

Week One, Two, and Three: In-depth, dream Interpretation (types of dreams, symbols, and "how to" of dream interpretation). 90 - minutes each class
Q & A Call: 1.5-hour of you asking questions about the above and Jari guiding you through answers.
3-week webinar/teleclass (90 minutes each) and 1 Q & A class (90 minutes).
Facilitated by Jari Angelique, ALSP
Date:  late Janurary 2019
3-week teleclass/webinars
Pre-registration price (good through 1/20/19): $90

Price starting 1/21/2019: $97

The Core Wound Healing and Release 5-week Class!

Are you ready to RELEASE the wounds of the past, let go of self-sabotage, stagnation, and low-self-esteem? Are you willing to claim your true destiny?

This 5-week class will teach you all that you need to know to actively start using healing skills and embody your new Self. This highly sought class is a combination of live webinars and teleclasses + get instant access to  “Releasing Soul Contracts that Bind You: Transformative healing exercise” completely for free!


When: starting March, 28th, 2019 at 6 pm

Live online webinar and teleclasses. If you miss the live class, recording will be sent to you the next day.

Facilitated by: Jari Angelique, ALSP

This healing class is built upon a foundation of energy medicine, quantum physics, latest

allopathic medicine research on forgiveness and the mysticism of A Course in Miracles.

Class one: Emotional Healing

Class two: Mind Healing

Class three: I AM Worthy Healing

Class four: Healing Communication

Class five: Revealing You: Your Life Purpose

Pre-registration price is $388 till 3/15/2019

Based on my experience of teaching healing workshops, private practice and facilitating forgiveness groups, I have identified the most common challenges that individuals encounter on their healing journey (feelings of quilt, poor boundaries, unworthiness, spiritual bypass, overpowering emotional charge, preoccupation with the past, "not knowing of how to let go", difficulty to ask for their needs to be met, and struggling with their mind getting in the way, second guessing themselves). As a result of that, this class is not only teaching the "how to" of the most effective and healing techniques but also has interwoven in it, the practices that work directly with all the most commonly experienced struggles that arise on your healing journey, starting from healing the underlying emotional charge that locks the mental patterns in place, to increasing the sense of worthiness by releasing a distorted image of ourselves, strengthening the ability to receive forgiveness, and also including 101 in healthy boundaries. Emphasis will be on emotional, and mental healing and you will be supported with energy healing and frequencies.

Get the Amazing Healing That You've Waited for!

Release the self-sabotage, stagnation, and inner blocks that hold you back. Instill worthiness, self-esteem, and power to move into your new LIFE. Start with these free healing meditations.